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Experts recruit Chinese dyestuffs become better and better

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      "China has become a big producer, India's strength is rising, and international giants are being acquired. This series of new changes has brought China's dye industry to a new competitive landscape." Shi Xianping, vice president of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, believes that it is necessary to seize the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of the big dyeing country into a powerful country.

More stringent environmental standards are the new driving force for research and development

      At present, the EU's REACH regulations, various eco-labels, and increasingly stringent emission standards, which are currently being implemented, will raise the threshold for the dyeing and pigment industry, which will lead to a new round of changes in the industry. "The implementation of a series of policies and regulations has increased the R&D and operating costs of enterprises, and even caused many small varieties to disappear." Shi Xianping said that environmental regulations are gradually becoming a new driving force for reform in the industry.

Efforts to avoid harm and seize opportunities

      Experts have suggested that the changes in the competitive landscape, environmental regulations and industrial chains have provided opportunities for China's dye industry to avoid disadvantages. Shi Xianping said: "The shift of competition and development of multinational corporations will make China's dyed pigment industry lose the direction of catching up in a certain period of time, and at the same time provide an opportunity for China's dye industry to become stronger and stronger. China's dyed pigment industry must seize the opportunity to seize They exit positions such as joint ventures, acquisitions, talents, etc."

      Zhang Shuihe, director of the Organic Pigment Branch of China Dyestuff Association, suggested enterprises should not blindly expand their projects, but should focus on sustainable development, especially environmental protection and waste water treatment. Some experts also suggested that we should pay attention to the dynamics of multinational companies and actively cooperate to make up for the shortcomings of their own dye processing technology. In addition, qualified companies can develop products used in non-traditional fields and open up new application areas.

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