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China's dye industry development trend

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China's dyestuffs industry must face this new situation, and strive to achieve innovation, high-tech,optimized, good service. It includes product innovation, process innovation, management innovation and service innovation.

1 Product innovation

With the increasing colorfastness, application performance, environmental and ecological protection and energy saving and emission reduction requirements of domestic and foreign markets, coupled with the continuous emergence of new textile fibers and new printing and dyeing technologies, countries around the world have attached great importance to develop new dyestuffs which have the advantages of safety, health, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, stability, economy and convenience. The development of new dyestuffs focuses on reactive dyestuffs, disperse dyestuffs and acid dyestuffs, which are used for dyeing and printing cellulose fiber, polyester fiber, polyamide fiber and wool respectively, covering nearly 90% of textile fibers. Among them, reactive dyestuffs and disperse dyestuffs are emphasized. It is necessary to focus on environmentally friendly dyestuffs to ensure that product characteristics meet the requirements of the relevant new standards. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the variety structure of reactive dyestuffs, acid dyestuffs and disperse dyestuffs, so that China's dyestuffs can adapt to the market demand in terms of variety structure, product quality and product price, and change the growth of dyestuffs import volume or the amount of consumption in China. In addition, it is necessary to strictly control the repeated construction of production equipment with low technical content and low level and prevent the production of banned dyestuffs and to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with relevant foreign enterprises, correctly guide foreign investment.

2 Management innovation

This kind of system is a systematic project. It needs to reform the existing management system, mechanism, and methods. It must have a strong sense of respecting talents and respecting knowledge, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties. Only management innovation can provide important guarantees for product innovation, process innovation and service innovation.

3 Service Innovation

With the continuous improvement of fiber properties and dyeing and finishing processes, and the continuous development of textile applications, the market demand for dyestuffs is increasing and higher, so the application service is strengthened, and more detailed and personalized services are provided to help users. Choosing and using dyestuffs is an important task for dyestuffs manufacturers, and it is of great significance for the development of dyestuffs market and product development.

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