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Company adhering to the "safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly" business philosophy, to create
a "glorious people's livelihood, enrich the future" development concept

Mobile: 15527486038 (Mr. Tan)                   027-88185232

Add: No.1 Liyuan Avenue, Chendian Town, Songzi, Hubei

      International Trade Office Location: 502, Building 7, Fanhai International SOHO City,
                                                                     Huaihai Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan (near Metro Business District, Metro Line 3)

Service Email : wangyan@colroot.com            Company Website: www.colroot.com            Resume Delivery: yuwenxing@colroot.com

Factory Address: No.1, Liyuan Avenue, ChendianTown, Songzi City, Hubei Province 

Mobile: 13872205807 (Mr. Tan)

Tel: 0086-716-6011061 Fax: 0086-716-6797666

Foshan Office

Add: Luogang, New Frontier Industrial Zone, Xiaotang Industrial Avenue, NanhaiDistrict, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Tel: 18627297959(Mr. Cai) Fax: 0086-0757-86666413

Zhejiang Office

Add: Room102, Building 3, Jinjiang Peninsula Community, Paojiang New, Shaoxing City, ZhejiangProvince, China

Tel: 15827709388(Mr. He) Fax: 0086-0575-88039480

Wuxi Office

Add: Room 501, Building 2-2, Huaxia Zhichun Community, Dongting Road, Xishan, WuxiCity, China

Tel: 18627290997(Mr. Zhang)

Central China Office

Add: Room 502, Unit 7, Oceanwide International SOHO Town, Huaihai Road, JianghanDistrict, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Tel: 18627235972 (Mr. Liu) Fax: 0086-027-88185276

North China Office

Add: Room 202, Unit 3, Building 7, Dingtaifeng Community, Jimo District, Qingdao,Shandong, China

Tel: 13986715223 (Mr. Zhou)

Address:  Songzikou, Chendian Town, Jingzhou, Hubei Province

Hubei Color Root Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

Service Hotline: 0086-716-6011030   0086-716-6797888
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Service Email:  liyuan@colroot.com

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