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Product Service

Product Service
Responsible for providing samples to customers, ensuring that products are delivered to customer companies,                                               Contact: 0716-6011061 (Mr. Tan)

accepting customer service consultation, using feedback, complaints, return and exchange.

Technical Service
Responsible for product research and development to ensure the normal completion of the production process.                                              Contact: 18608602205 (Mr. Liu)

Get timely opinions and requirements from customers on the use of products, and guide customers to use the products correctly.

Quality service
Ensure product quality is qualified, product safety is guaranteed, product inspection reports are provided, and                                                 Contact: 13997553802 (Mr. Li)

product quality issues of customer complaints are properly handled.

Determine the products to meet the international ecological standards, provide technical information (MSDS,                                                  Contact: 15527486038 (Ms. Wang)
TDS, product certification, third-party testing report) according to customer requirements.

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Service Email:  liyuan@colroot.com

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