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Companies adhering to the ‘safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly’ business philosophy, to create a ‘glorious people's livelihood, enrich the future’ development philosophy, while committed to creating customer value and social benefits, but also to provide a showcase for elites from all walks of life, and create a variety of smooth promotion channels and broad development, in Color Root, every employee can find their own future.

Position Title

Reserve cadres (chemical engineering and technology, environmental engineering,

electrical engineering and automation), international trade sales representatives

1.Job Responsibilities

Chemical Engineering and Technology (5)

Engaged in global technology research and development, application services,

technology innovation and other work

Environmental Engineering (3)

Enterprise safety and environmental management and third-party cooperation

and exchange work to ensure the healthy operation of the company.

Electrical Engineering and Automation (3)

Central control room automation instrument for control management.

International Trade Sales Representative (10)

Use a variety of international network platforms and exhibitions to develop customers and maintain existing customers.

Full implementation of orders (signing, stocking, shipping, document making, collection).

2. Recruitment conditions

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Textile, dyeing and finishing, lightening and other related majors, strong initiative and strong sense of responsibility.

Environmental Engineering

Have good communication skills, learning ability,thinking ability, good control ability and overall situation.

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Those who are familiar with automation knowledge are preferred, work is practical, proactive,

and have a good sense of responsibility and professionalism.

International Trade Sales Representative

CET 6 or above, college degree or above, able tocommunicate freely with international friends in English,

familiar with international trade related knowledge is preferred.

3. Benefits:

Salary: The internship period is 3000/month, and the monthly salary is paid on the 15th of the following month.

After turning positive, according to the ability to set a fixed salary, buy five insurance.

Corporate welfare: The company has year-end awards, holiday subsidies, excellent employees,

excellent manager awards, and travel subsidies.

4. Other

Promotion space: The company provides employees with multiple dimensions of vertical and horizontal development,

as a reserve cadre training, to maximize personal growth.

Accommodation: The company provides free accommodation, two staff quarters,

air conditioning, WIFI, 24 hours hot water.

Environmental facilities: Table tennis room, outdoor basketball court, fitness facilities, etc.

Amateur life: Organize holiday staff gatherings, outings, bicycle races, hiking, basketball games,

red song competitions,networking events, etc.

Learning platform: Provide opportunities for out-of-town training and international trade opportunities

to participate in domestic and international exhibition opportunities.

5. Corporate contact information

Address: Songzikou, Chendian Town, Jingzhou, Hubei Province

International Trade Office: Room 502, Building 7, Fanhai International SOHO Building, Huaihai Road,

Jianghan District, Wuhan (near Metro Business District, Metro Line 3)

Mobile: 15527486038

Email: wangyan@colroot.com

Website: www.colroot.com

International Trade: Resume Delivery: yuwenxing@colroot.com

Tel: 027-88185232

Address:  Songzikou, Chendian Town, Jingzhou, Hubei Province

Hubei Color Root Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)

Service Hotline: 0086-716-6011030   0086-716-6797888
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Service Email:  liyuan@colroot.com

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